The Lion King Hero

My hero is my mother, Crystal. My mom is my hero because she has always been there for me and she stands up for what’s right. If you have seen the movie Lion King then you should know about the part where Simba is stuck in a stampede and his father comes to save and he does but dies, my mother would do that even if it risked her life. Also when Simba stands up to Scar and tells him to leave and scar almost kills him, My mother would also stand up to someone if they tried to hurt me. My mom is a very kind, trustworthy, loving, caring, funny, brave, and honest person. No offense to Simba or his father, but I think my mom is my one and only hero and I want to be like her someday.

My favorite things!!!

My first favorite thing is my family. They have always been there for me when I was sad, mad, and even when I was happy. They have always loved me even when I yelled at them. They also let me live in there house for over 11 years without payment. I know that its there job but they could have thrown me out at anytime yet they did not. That is why my family is one of my favorite things.                                              

My second favorite thing is reading. Reading is one of the many things that calms me down. I don’t just read any kind of book, I read books that I like. For example,Right now I am reading a book about wolves because my spirit animal is a wolf so I want to learn more about them. Reading is one of my favorite things for these reasons. Another book that I like is smile by Raina Telgemeier.                                  Creative Commons License. Teresa Grau Ros via CompfightLlibres a la Chicago Public Library

My last/third favorite thing to do is draw. This is also another thing that calms me down. I may not be good now but I really am trying hard. Hopefully I want to be better by the time I get in high school. I want to become an artist so that I can teach others about the wonders of art. One of my favorite painting is Starry Night because it is beautiful. Do you have a favorite painting?

20% Update

For our 20%, as you know, me and my group are helping out and doing fun activities with the elders. We have received an email from the people we want o work with, but we have not gone to see them in person. Right now we are working on another email to send back to them. I think we have not Tribute to Roger Ebert done any major accomplishments because we have been working on an email to the people at my partner’s church. We are going to try to email the people back. My over all feelings is I think we are doing pretty good.

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For December, our goals are to send back the email to the people we want to work with. We also want to try to go to my partner’s church so that we can get money for the materials we need. We can send the email by trying to focus just on the email for December. We can also achieve going to my partner’s church by planning ahead and make a date to go there. The most important one we need to get done is the email. This is because we have to see if we will be able to go there.


What If…


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What if I were principal for a week? If I were principal for a week I would Principal Keychange some rules. First, I would allow phones during advisory, I would make everyone HAVE to recycle so we can save our environment. Third,  I would make a free time for those who want a break. Lastly, I would tell people not to put chewing gum under tables. Those were some things that I would do if I were principal for a week.

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What if I were a teacher for a week? If I were a teacher for a week I would Red appletry to make learning fun because when I learn it seems boring. Also I would give away candy to people who answer questions correctly so that it will encourage students to answer questions more often. Another thing I would do is have a competition about who can raise more money for charity and gets good grades. These are things I would do if I were a teacher for a week.


My short story

The Secret of the Golden Key.

By: Chloe

There once was a girl named Autumn, she loved to play in her pond near her house. One day Autumn was down at the pond and she saw a shiny gold key. She picked it up and ran back to her house. When she got home she could not open her front door with her key so she tried ringing the door bell yet she got no answer. She thought it was her brother playing a trick so she tried the golden key. The door unlocked but when Autumn opened the door there waskey to my heart a big black dog siting right in front of her as if it was waiting for her. She was startled by a young girl running towards her so she slammed the door shut. She tried her original key again. It worked! She then ran up to her room and hid the key.

Creative Commons License Glückstadt || Fotografie via Compfight

The next morning she woke up to a bird chirping, the sun was shining in through her window, and she heard her mother call for breakfast. Autumn ran downstairs and ate breakfast. Then she remembered the golden key and she ran back up to her room but when she looked were she had put the key it wasn’t there. So she carried on with her day until she went down to the pond and she saw the same golden key. So being the adventurous kid she was she picked up the key. She went to her front door and opened it up with the golden key. She then saw the same black dog and the little girl running toward her. Instead of slamming the door she waited till the little girl got there. The little girl said ” Your here Your here.” Autumn was confused because she had never met this girl in her life. So Autumn asked ” Who are you and how do you know me?” The little girl was about to speak when a boy about Autumns age was running towards the door. The boy said “Come on Bella we have to go home.” The boy then looked up at Autumn  in confusion. He paused for a brief moment and then said “Who are you miss?” Autumn said ” My name is Autumn, whats yours?” The boy said “My name is Sam and this is Bella” For some reason Autumn thought she had heard that name before but shes never seen them before. Autumn was about to ask the little boy why the key opened this door but just as she was about to Sam said “Would you like to come in.”

Autumn thought it was not a good idea to go with a stranger she only just met but again being the adventurous girl she was  she said ” Sure but I have a few questions.” So Sam and Bella moved away from the door way. As Autumn stepped in a bird flew past her she was frightened and amused at the same time. “Its beautiful” Autumn said. Sam said ” It is a magical world were we live.” Autumn said ” Were do you guys live?” Bella said “Come on i’ll show you.” They started walking towards a huge bright gold house. When they reached the front door of the golden house Bella said “My mom said that she was waiting for you. I’ll introduce you to her she is so sweet. Autumn said ” Sure, but how did she know I would come here someday?” Bella said ” I don’t know but she wants to meet you in person. Follow me.” As Autumn walked through the door way she noticed that the key hole matched up with the golden key looked like. Autumn saw a lady with brownish hair sitting in a chair, the lady had a dog sitting next to her, it was the black dog she had saw before. The black dog came towards Autumn, It started barking and the lady said “Sit Luna.” Then she said “Hello i’m Katarina but you can call me Kat. You must be Autumn?” Autumn said “Hello Kat. Yes, I am Autumn, but how do you know my name?” Kat said ” How doesn’t anyone know your name. You will be the savior of our city.” Autumn was surprised when she said that. ” But I’m just a girl who found a key by her pond. I’m not a savior at all. Kat asked ” Do you have a mother named Shea?” Autumn’s eyes widened when Kat said that.” H-H-How do you know that?” Autumn stuttered. ” I know that because your mother is my sister.

As Autumn realized what Kat had said, Autumn thought that she had been lied to her whole life, her mom never told her she had an aunt. Autumn looked up at Kat and said ” Why didn’t mother tell me about you?” Kat facial expression turned from happy to sad. ‘The last time I saw your mother was when we were both fourteen. We were best friends but one day our mother separated us and then sent your mother to the regular world so that she could grow up and have a normal life,” said Kat with a sad tone in her voice. Then  why didn’t you go to.” said Autumn. “I didn’t go because I had already gained my full magic powers but your mother hadn’t but she was about to so my mother pushed her through the door way and threw the key out not knowing were it had landed. After all that my mother died two days later and she told me to tell my sister , your mother, that she loved her.” said Kat. Autumn said ” That’s so sad. so you haven’t seen my mother since then?” Autumn turned to Bella and Sam and said ” Why did you guys bring me here? Why not my mother?” Sam said ” We brought you her because your the savior not you mother.” Autumn thought for a second then said ” How do you know I’m the savior?” Bella and Sam looked at each other and then Bella said ” We know you are the savior because the savior is the daughter of the only girl who went to the mortal land and never came back. But her daughter would find the key by a pond. Did you find the key near or in a pond?” Autumn was shocked to hear that because she did. “y-y-yes b-b-but how d-did you know?” Autumn answered. Kat said “We know that, happened because that was what was suppose to happen.”

Kat then turned to the fireplace and said to Autumn “Come on let me show you something.” Kat pushed one of the bricks in and a pathway opened up. Kat said ” Bring the golden key with you.” Autumn shook her head yes. They stepped into the dark pathway. Kat snapped her fingers and the whole tunnel lit up. Autumn was amazed by what Kat had just done. As they reached the end of the tunnel there was a white glowing figure. Kat tried using her magic but for some odd reason it didn’t work. Then all of a sudden Autumn eyes turned purple and her hair turned white then she looked up at the figure and the figure floated away. Kat turned to Autumn and watched as her white hair slowly  turned back to brown. ” Did I just do that?” asked Autumn. “So your powers are you can control creatures. Thats great!” said  Kat. Bella and Sam were right behind Kat and Autumn when they were in the tunnel.

It had took them almost an hour to get through the tunnel, but when they reached the end there was a platform with a key shaped hole one it. Autumn told Sam ” Give me the key ill do it.” So Sam gave Autumn the key and then he said ” Be careful.” Autumn climbed up a rope that led to the platform. Then she placed the key in the hole and the door flew right open. Then Autumn woke up in her bed and sat up and thought to herself “Was that a dream?” Creative Commons License craig Cloutier via Compfight

who's home

Do you think all of that was a dream or did she really go there? leave a comment on what you think.

Other short stories

How I Feel About 20% and My Goals

For my 20% project I will be helping out at elderly’s home and doing fun activities with them.

I feel the 20% project is going well because we already got two emails from the people we want to work with. The 20% is exciting because I get to do fun activities with the elders. Also the 20% project is interesting because we get to learn new things about stuff we probably never thought about in our everyday lives.

The goals me and my partners have for this project is we want to at least be able to have fun with the elders. We also want the elders to have fun as well so that they can be happy. This will help us learn more about our elders and how they like to spend their free time. Me and my partners cannot wait till we start this project.

See my Visual Aide for more information about my project.

The story´s of bullying

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Activity 1: Once there was a small orange and his name was Fred. He got picked on by other oranges and apples because he was so small. One day Fred was rolling to school and a big orange bumped into him so Fred said “I’m sorry.¨ Then the big orange said ¨You don´t have to be sorry. I´m the one who bumped into you.¨ Fred was so surprised.No one has ever been nice to him. comment what do you think will happen next with Fred and the big orange



Activity 2:

Springer spaniel in a bad moodCreative Commons License Tony Harrison via Compfight

everybody hurts - siempre habrá quien daño te hará talo urcera via Compfight



Dog splash! Nathan Rupert via Compfight



My fall poem

Activity 1: In my research of attribution I have learned that if you do not use attribution then you can get in a lot of trouble because you would be plagiarism.If you do not know what plagiarism is it is when you take someone else’s work and use it as you own.This information will be helpful because when I add a picture this tells me that I have to give credit to the website/person I got it from. I’m pretty confident in using citations so that others get credit for their work.


Activity 2:The leaves are colorful,

the grass brown, and the sky is as blue as a blue berry.

L'inverno sta arrivando (Winter is coming)

The lake as shinny as gold ,

the tree bark as brown as chocolate,

the mountains as high as an airplane can fly.

The rocks as grey as wolf, the scene as pretty as a flower,

and the sky as clear as day light.   Giorgio Rodano via Compfight

My avatar how it represents me

 My avatar represents me. It may not look exactly like me but it does look similar. My avatar has red hair and bear ears this represents me because I have reddish hair also I love bears. My avatar also dresses like me because I wear long sleeve a lot it also has jeans on but cannot see those, I like jeans a lot too. This avatar has a personality like me though cant see or hear it, it does have it. its personality is bold, brave, outgoing, and jubilant. I love that my avatar looks like me and has a good personality.Thank you for reading. I found this on Avachara.

My passion

DreamTyme Dance AcademySome Random Photography via Compfight 

My passion is gymnastics. I like gymnastics because its fun. My favorite part of gymnastics is when my teacher spots me when I do my back handsprings on the ground. I am working on my back handsprings and so far I think l´m doing good. I also like gymnastics because it teaches me a lot of things like back flips, handsprings,front flips, and a lot more but those are some things I am working on now. The last reason why I like gymnastics is because I get to hangout with new and old friends.

Some interesting facts about gymnastics are, gymnastics was first made in 1800s by two pioneer physical educators. Gymnastics is a sport that is all about  displaying physical strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance, you need physical strength so if your trying to do a back handspring because you need to be able to hold yourself up with your arms which is physical strength, you need flexibility so that when your doing back handspring you can bind backwards, you need coordination because when going back into a back handspring and you flip over you don´t go side ways. Gymnastics only became an Olympic sport  till 1896.