My favorite things!!!

My first favorite thing is my family. They have always been there for me when I was sad, mad, and even when I was happy. They have always loved me even when I yelled at them. They also let me live in there house for over 11 years without payment. I know that its there job but they could have thrown me out at anytime yet they did not. That is why my family is one of my favorite things.                                              

My second favorite thing is reading. Reading is one of the many things that calms me down. I don’t just read any kind of book, I read books that I like. For example,Right now I am reading a book about wolves because my spirit animal is a wolf so I want to learn more about them. Reading is one of my favorite things for these reasons. Another book that I like is smile by Raina Telgemeier.                                  Creative Commons License. Teresa Grau Ros via CompfightLlibres a la Chicago Public Library

My last/third favorite thing to do is draw. This is also another thing that calms me down. I may not be good now but I really am trying hard. Hopefully I want to be better by the time I get in high school. I want to become an artist so that I can teach others about the wonders of art. One of my favorite painting is Starry Night because it is beautiful. Do you have a favorite painting?

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