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My passion is gymnastics. I like gymnastics because its fun. My favorite part of gymnastics is when my teacher spots me when I do my back handsprings on the ground. I am working on my back handsprings and so far I think l´m doing good. I also like gymnastics because it teaches me a lot of things like back flips, handsprings,front flips, and a lot more but those are some things I am working on now. The last reason why I like gymnastics is because I get to hangout with new and old friends.

Some interesting facts about gymnastics are, gymnastics was first made in 1800s by two pioneer physical educators. Gymnastics is a sport that is all about  displaying physical strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance, you need physical strength so if your trying to do a back handspring because you need to be able to hold yourself up with your arms which is physical strength, you need flexibility so that when your doing back handspring you can bind backwards, you need coordination because when going back into a back handspring and you flip over you don´t go side ways. Gymnastics only became an Olympic sport  till 1896.

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  1. that’s really cool. I am gymnast too, and just so you know if you want to get your back handspring by yourself trust yourself and do it.

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